weather poller application deploy on kubernetes. and weather api with ssl

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python api for request and display random VDM from Display can be do with multiple library : i3, qt, gtk, etc ...

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run compute on terraform with libvirt hypervisor

Zaktualizowano 2 tygodni temu

monitoring task with slack bot alerting

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fork of because issue : these code permit use of "nested" field decoding which is just composite struct

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repository for test some purpose about go langage

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packer qemu vm builder with gentoo os.

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docker container containing two hypervisor kvm, qemu and libvirt library

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sample hello world assembly program

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dns relative tools like lookup or wireformat converter

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project of gitlab-runner gateway

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C/C++ container implementation

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password manager with aes encryption

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set of docker config working with docker app

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sample of how to use future java Class

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