python api for request and display random VDM from Display can be do with multiple library : i3, qt, gtk, etc ...
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**VDM API** is a python api for pull random api.

Use case
You can use this API in python langage by instanciate a VDM() object :

from VDMAPI.VDM import VDM

if __name__ == "__main__":
vdm = VDM()
lstAllVDM = vdm.get()
for i, vdm in enumerate(lstAllVDM):
print(str(i)+" : "+vdm)

Available GUI

**VDM API** include four display mode :

- **i3** : this GUI use dmenu for display the list of VDM
- **tkinter** : this use tkinter native interface
- **kivy** : use kivy library
- **console** : this last mode display the list of VDM in plain text mode


For **setup** you could do with this :

pip install --no-index --find-links=<pathToDistIncludeIntoGitClone> VDM_API