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  RouxAntoine 12c7b511d9
update libvirt container version. fix delay when 0 worker or 0 controler are configured 8 months ago
  RouxAntoine 6fbedaa474 adapt domain creation to controller and worker scenario 11 months ago
  RouxAntoine ac33fb466f adapt ansible inventory genearted by terraform to produce multiple domain group 11 months ago
  RouxAntoine 9e06725e0d add terraform init into makefile 11 months ago
  Antoine d42cc4fc80
add mitogen v0.3.0-rc.0 for ansible 2.10 and enhance ansible inventory generated by terraform 11 months ago
  Antoine 849e76552f
update add /projects prefix to submodule 11 months ago
  Antoine 22751914e1
Add ansible hazelcast applications provisionning into docker hosts 11 months ago
  Antoine f70970f0e4
Add third domain, generate ansible toml inventory 11 months ago
  Antoine a75f875026
Add count to generate multiple domain 1 year ago
  Antoine bf6bdd46f1
migrate to terraform 0.13 1 year ago
  Antoine 1bf00a8b80
add Makefile shortcut 1 year ago
  Antoine e2d7f0c7ab
configure cloud-init to setup dns and install lvm2 at startup 1 year ago
  Antoine 5c964ae09d
create base qcow2 image and one test stacj with one compute, net and pool 1 year ago
  Antoine 9bc7773864
init libvirt and stack 1 year ago
  Antoine 93ef8c8ecd
add readme 1 year ago
  Antoine 4aa82c496f
create one compute with terraform onto qemu 1 year ago