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  Antoine fa07cc9435
Add python3-docker package to vm 8 months ago
  Antoine 08c6e4aee9
add qemu-guest-agent, htop, netcat and start service agent 8 months ago
  Antoine e58efdb5ad
fix network activation at reboot and disable network configuration for debian image 8 months ago
  Antoine 124ff2fd40
install cloud-init and set shell for ansible user defined 9 months ago
  Antoine 3be44f6de9
add version to packer output image 9 months ago
  Antoine 0145797359
use fixed version for debian image instead of current 9 months ago
  Antoine 7361a3442a
fix : ensX network interface index 11 months ago
  Antoine 37743f6637
ansible debian post instalation setup 11 months ago
  Antoine b87e28b77e
Feat : Add debian source to packer 11 months ago
  antoine 38c0f0f4ca Merge pull request 'develop' (#2) from develop into master 11 months ago
  Antoine 3ce1640841
migrate packer gentoo.json to new packer hcl2 syntax, clean packer variable and rename some folder 11 months ago
  Antoine 933cd014fa finish os stage 3 download extract, configure mount and chroot 1 year ago
  Antoine 3ee290940d finish partitionning 1 year ago
  Antoine 2b1a9b7214 create partition, vgs and lvs 1 year ago
  Antoine 4c9a74b725 split ansible role 1 year ago
  Antoine 0c6bf50322 add ansible test inventory 1 year ago
  Antoine 6c34a92eeb Add ansible provisionning to packer 1 year ago
  Antoine Roux 66c1f4f841 add PROXY to apk package manager 1 year ago
  Antoine 550bed095c Create README.md 1 year ago
  Antoine d1c7b35411 add povision with sh script 1 year ago
  Antoine 7bccaad723 initialize docker packer image 1 year ago